fact 1 : Celebrities wear their shades 24/7.


fact 2 : they’re almost blind indoors.

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SOLUTION : INSIDeR optics™. invented to see indoors.

We know. Impossible, right? Here’s how they work. Insider Optics developed a patented “smart lens” to detect light and turn full shade outside, then when you head indoors, instead of going completely clear like most transition lenses, Insider retains its dark, shaded look, becoming just translucent enough for you to still read the bill in a dim club, or actually see your setlist while playing live onstage. Simply put, Insider becomes clearest where you naturally gaze, not below like some gradients, so you can be one-on-one, but retain your anonymity from afar. So great. Not only that, but Insider Optics filters harmful blue rays in a way most lenses can’t, the kind that come from electronic devices, monitors and computer screens that have been known to cause eye damage, so they are practical for indoor work as well.

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See for yourself.


Insider Optic’s patented “smart lens” technology allows you to make eye contact when up close and personal, while still being anonymous from afar.


About us

SottoStudios/LA is a design and innovation studio. We developed this specific optical technology because select clients want to protect their anonymity, hate lugging two pairs of glasses, or just love the look of sunglasses anywhere. As we are “not yet ready for our closeup” just yet , Insider is in very limited supply to our existing client base. We created an interest list if you would like a pair, want to know more, or interested in future developments and when they will be available.

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